Imagine you are responsible for the well-being and happiness of another person. Would you ask that person to skip meals, and sleep, snack on highly processed foods, ignore chronic pain, and consider a massage and other preventive care frivolous?


Probably not.


So why are we so hard on ourselves?! Too many of us don’t eat well, sleep as much as we should, and put off taking care of our bodies.


We have to take action to support our health – and even improve it. It’s not indulgent or irresponsible to take steps to be healthy and happy. When you are at your best, you have more patience, creativity, energy, and generosity.


Feeling stressed can have a long term impact on your health. Elevated levels of cortisol and inflammation can decrease immunity, increase blood pressure, and disrupt digestion and concentration. Sleep deprivation is terrible for our moods, and it contributes to physical ailments such as muscle aches, headaches, weight gain, and brain fog.


Here are five simple ways you can start working on healing and happiness:


  • Censor that inner voice! Be kind to yourself. If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up over it (That was so stupid! How could I be such an idiot?!). Change that voice from being an enemy to an advocate. (Instead, ask yourself. What have I learned? What can I change or do differently next time?)




  • Value your personal life as much as your work. Whether you work outside the home or if you’re a stay-at-home-caregiver, you need to make rest a priority and strive to live mindfully. You will NOT be your best if you are overtired, stressed, and unhealthy. Give yourself adequate sleep (at least six hours, but aim for eight) and eat balanced homecooked meals whenever possible. Drink lots of water. Schedule “down time” – meet a friend at a park for a walk, book a massage, enjoy an infrared sauna or an afternoon nap.




  • Enjoy the little things. You don’t have to travel to exotic lands to feel rejuvenated. Walking barefoot on the grass, sitting by a pool, visiting at a coffee shop, relaxing in an infrared sauna, or watching the sunset (or rise!) are all inexpensive ways to pause, rest and restore your soul. Nature is healing, and so is laughter.




  • Find joy and gratitude. Sometimes it’s easy to stay focused on the challenges in life. We all have them, and they aren’t easy. But even the stormiest moments have things to appreciate. Look for things to be grateful for. It might be a gorgeous day, a beautiful smile, a delicious meal, or a joke that makes you laugh out loud. When we start looking for good things, we find them – even in the ordinary, everyday routine of life.




  • Eat well. Tasty, wholesome food doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Buy groceries for some easy meals and plan ahead. The preparation doesn’t have to be a chore – cook with someone you care about, put on music, and before you know it, you have dinner. Nourish your body with fruits and veggies – they’re as fast and easy as any packaged snacks. Try an organic juice cleanse as part of your ongoing commitment to healthy living.


At Eco Chateau Wellness Spa, we are committed to supporting others in their journeys toward wellness with our sustainable practices, tranquil spaces, and exceptional services. If you have aches, stress, digestive issues, or extra pounds weighing you down, we would like to help you on your journey to a healthier and happier you. Call and share your concerns so we can offer insights into the wellness spa treatments that would be most beneficial.