Whole Body Vibration

What is Whole Body Vibration?

Eco Chateau has just recently installed this remarkable wellness aid.  Whole Body Vibration works on the concept of reflex oriented muscle resistance.  In order to maintain your sense of equilibrium while using Whole Body Vibration, the brain sends signals to your muscles telling them to contract.  The result is an effective workout in a very short period of time!  Start it up and you can actually receive the same benefits of a 60 minute run in just 10 minutes!

Though the concept literally puts you on shaky ground, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your balance or falling off.  The Whole Body Vibration machine is not a carnival ride!  The micro-vibrations engage every muscle in your body in rapid waves that mimic the effects of sustained cardio and weight training – while you just stand there!  Getting in a quick workout could not be any easier.

Whole Body Vibration is not a replacement for a regular workout and balanced diet.  You should always consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise regimen.  Whole Body Vibration allows you to gain the benefits of sustained physical effort in just 10-30 minutes.  Leaving you energized and ready to enjoy the life you want to live on your time and terms.

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Whole Body Vibration $15