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What are Infrared Body Wraps?

Our Infrared Treatments are a calorie burning and detoxifying process that slims, tones, defines and reduces fat and cellulite throughout your body. Infrared aids in the breakdown of fat tissue with the use of Far infrared energy. This leads to calorie loss and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Far infrared energy is beneficial to everyone because it can be easily absorbed by the body. When Far infrared energy penetrates the skin, it transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal effect within deep layers of tissues causes blood vessels in capillaries to dilate, which promotes better blood circulation. Our Infrared Treatments apply heat to the body, which eliminates toxins and metabolic wastes by increasing sweat production. This can also lead to faster recovery of aching and injured muscles. Infrared Body Wraps are now available at both our Sorrento Valley and Mission Valley locations! click below to schedule your appointment today!

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Slim Tummy Booster Included, add additional slimming boosters for MAXIMUM RESULTS (pricing below)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are already a frequent user of our Infrared Saunas, our Infrared Body Wrap is going to give you the same benefits. It’s just a different experience and delivery system. The only reason our frequent Infrared Sauna users would opt to do an Infrared Body Wrap instead is because they want to add our Slimming Boosters, which are explained below:

We use a proprietary blend of inorganic, detoxifying minerals with our Slimming Boosters to Slim Down and Reshape your problem areas. You’ll also experience improvement in the Texture, Tone and Elasticity of your skin.


In preparation for the Infrared Body Wrap we encourage clients to stay hydrated the night before and day of their wrap. We also ask that you eat something light 30 mins prior to your appointment. We do require undergarments during the wrap. Bottoms are required and for women bra is optional. The undergarments that you wear during the wrap will get wet so please bring a dry pair to go home in.

If you are doing the wrap for weight loss and slimming we encourage you to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise routine with the service in order to maximize your results.


Infrared is the band of light we perceive as heat. Our infrared body wrap uses light therapy to penetrate the skin on a deeper level, providing all of the health benefits of natural sunlight, without the dangerous effects on the skin.

The infrared body wrap is a great process to remove toxins, relax muscles, improve blood circulation, increase your heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate, soften skin, relax and rejuvenate your mind!

You are physically in the wrap for about 45-50 minutes. Your technician will check on you throughout the entire process to ensure your comfort. You will gradually build a deep sweat all while laying down and enjoying your choice of either music or a TV program.

INFRARED BODY WRAP PRICING (slim tummy booster included additional boosters are priced below):

$119 per service


Military Slim Booster: $10

Slim Body Booster: $20

*MILITARY CLIENTS: Save Money. Why get a full body wrap when you don’t need it? We only wrap where you get measured with the Military Slim Booster. Please call us with any questions (858) 935-0533

Please be aware that a $40 cancellation fee applies to last minute cancellations (less than 24 hour notice) and “no show” appointments.

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