Green Spa

The Go Green Initiative

An important transformation gains momentum.

As with past innovations, small businesses are taking the lead. Many of the features essential to Eco Chateau’s success were not even available just a few short years ago. However, simply joining this movement is not the intention. Our mission is to lead.

The Go Green Initiative begins an important new shift in the way we treat ourselves by bringing focus to the way we treat our world. We will learn. We will share. We will protect. We will educate. Together, we will heal. That is our promise to you and our environment.

We start with expanding the definition of ‘Wellness’. Our licensed practitioners, professional attendants, and dedicated support staff provide not just regular treatments offering relief; but a holistic approach focusing on you and the world you inhabit.

This is just a start:

  • Covered in 272 solar panels, the 27,000 square foot building that Eco Chateau resides in, off-sets an average of 70% of the utilities “normally” used.
  • We saved over 60% of the original walls during build-out
  • Construction and beautiful decorations prioritized the use of recycled, reclaimed, and energy efficient materials
  • Bamboo, an exceptionally versatile renewable material (technically, it’s grass), utilized in flooring
  • Interior walls decorated in part with environmentally friendly low VOC paint
  • 50 trees planted in order to replace necessary building materials
  • All electrical and lighting set on timers for automatic turn-off during non business hours
  • Reclaimed pallet wood used throughout the spa, including our reception desk
  • 1.6 gallon low-flow toilet
  • Supplies locally sourced from other small businesses when possible
  • Minimal water waste – the living wall and most other plants are succulents that sip more than they drink
  • Spa culture and training designed for efficient management of all resources
  • Dedicated practitioners only apply 100% cruelty free products
  • Most services utilize organic products
  • All cleaning products are natural and biodegradable
  • Materials that can’t be recycled are often reused
  • Magazines donated to our spa for your reading pleasure
  • Gift certificates printed on seed paper that can be planted for a bloom of beautiful flowers
  • Minimize the use of plastic containers and water bottles
  • Recycling all consumed bottles and cans used by guests and staff
  • Double-side printing when printing is absolutely necessary and unavoidable
  • Rechargeable batteries used throughout the spa