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Eco Chateau 21 Day Purification and Detoxification Program

Here is a 3-minute video of Dr. Mercola explaining the importance of this purification program:

Have you ever wished you could easily clean out all of the toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. that we have ingested in our lifetime??

You know what, I’ve actually become concerned in the last 3 years of owning Eco Chateau that people have been misled with the trendy juice cleanses that are out there…

…So I was on a quest to find something that really, really made a big difference and magically came across the book, Clear Body, Clear Mind a few months ago.

Then I dove in deeper and researched the work of Dr. Mercola and Dr. Yu and their documented studies about a way they found that successfully excreted these toxins that are lodged into our fatty tissues by using high doses of Niacin combined with Infrared Sauna sessions.

These toxins stored in our bodies are what keep us from shedding stubborn pounds, zapping our energy, and keeping us from experiencing pure joy.

It all made so much sense.
Then I was lucky enough to come across someone who has been running this exact purification/detoxing program at their wellness facility in Idaho and they’ve graciously offered to partner up with us to be a support system since they know the positive impact it makes.

So what exactly is it?
This is one of the most powerful cleanses. It is an Infrared Sauna program combined with Niacin and other vitamin supplements and exercise. It takes 3 weeks to complete and is 90 minutes per day, for 7 days a week. This program will “sweat out” the street drug, alcohol, heavy metal, medical drug and chemical residuals that have accumulated in the body. These residuals, if left in the body, can trigger many physical, emotional, and mental reactions as well as physical cravings. These toxins and radiation are flushed out of the body. Many of those completing this program report that they have found a “new life.” The fatigue goes away, their memory instantly improves, they gain better cognitive function.

It also appears that medicinal drugs, anti-depressants, tranquilizers, food preservatives, pesticides, chemical wastes, radiation, and other toxic substances can also get caught lodge in the body tissues, mainly in the fatty tissues, and accumulate there–causing later reactions. Drugs and chemical deposits can make it difficult to think clearly. They can make a person appear dull or stupid. These “poisons” can change one’s attitude toward life and toward others. They can stop personal improvement or forward progress. Or you’ve noticed that you have hit a plateau on your fitness goals.

*Every participant will need to go to a naturopathic (or medical doctor) for a simple physical examination and written approval to do the program. We have two great recommendations, who are both already familiar with this program, we can easily set you up with.

You will also be given an IQ test so that we can see the “before and after.” You will have a daily journal so you can record your progress throughout the detoxification program and access to a professional who has 20 years experience running this exact detox protocol.

We make no medical claims, however, we DO guarantee the program, meaning if you do not notice ANY positive improvements whatsoever we will refund your entire program enrollment fee, that is how confident I am in this detox.

You won’t have issues with cloudy thinking/tired while going through this detox but you must get 8 hours of sleep each night so your body can repair itself each night.

Peer reviews and studies show an average of at least a 7-point increase on IQ once complete.

Time to cleanse your BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT

Investment in your health:

21 days, 2 hours a day, 7 days a week, 42 hours total of sessions here at EC and I am happy to extend our hours to open earlier and later if I need to so we can accommodate the first group of participants

So we will provide $400 worth of high-grade vitamins/supplements (Niacin, electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, primrose oil, etc).
You will exercise for 20 minutes to get things moving after taking Niacin, then immediately go into our relaxing Infrared Sauna for 90 minutes.

Retail Value:

90 minute Infrared Sauna Session x 21 days= $1,654
High-grade vitamins and supplements= $400
Whole Body Vibration sessions= $1,050
Juice Chateau cold pressed juice (one per day)= $168
Weekly IonCleanse Body Detox Sessions= $135
Total VALUE: $3,407
$1900 for complete 21-day Detoxification Program

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