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Why we started this program…

In October 2014, one of our guests, Lisa, reached out to me personally. She had an ultra rare cancer called adrenal cortex carcinoma and saw we were raising money for breast cancer awareness. She brought up a great point, that type of cancer has a lot of support, yet what about these rare types of cancers?

I agreed 110% and that was the immediate birth of our TLC for the Big C program. A way that Eco Chateau can give back to the local community and have a direct impact.

Lisa was our first person in our program back then and we continue to offer this amazing program in her honor. In May of 2017, Lisa lost her battle with cancer, but she far outlived any timeline that the doctors gave her! She was always such a fighter and we loved having her as a member. Her positive attitude is such an inspiration.

Below is her story…

“I use Eco chateau with my oncology treatment plan! I am a single mother of two young boys who has been recently diagnosed with adrenal cortex carcinoma- stage IV metastasized to lungs.”

Adrenocortical carcinoma is a rare tumor afflicting only one or two persons per one million population. Because adrenal cancer is rare, few doctors have experience treating it.
Adrenal cancer is an aggressive cancer. The only known cure is complete surgical removal of the cancer. In many cases, patients come to their doctor after the cancer has spread to other organs in the body, or the cancer has spread to places that cannot be removed, and the cancer is considered inoperable- Lisa was given that exact diagnosis.

The most common chemotherapy used to treat adrenocortical cancer is Mitotane. Stage IV cancer’s overall survival rate is 10% Prognosis.

Because of her strong will, determination and fighting spirit, she has convinced the doctors to do the surgery and give her chemo.

Lisa Moffatt and her two boys
October 10, 2014

What the TLC for the Big C offers..

This program donates our Monthly Wellness Membership to an individual battling cancer during the months of chemotherapy/treatment. We know how tough and scary it can be to have to battle that “Big C” and our team here at Eco Chateau is here to support you!

Our Monthly Wellness Memberships include ONE spa treatment – you have a choice of a Heavenly Massage, an Organic Facial with the amazing 302 skin care line, a Colon Hydrotherapy session or an Infrared Body Wrap – as well as FOUR Infrared Sauna sessions, TWO Whole Body Vibration sessions, 50% off IonCleanse Body Detox sessions (regularly priced at $45/session), 10% off packages, other services/treatments, juice and products. You also can attend our Monthly Wellness Workshops absolutely FREE!

Contact us at relax@www.spaecochateau.com to learn how to be a part of this amazing program!

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Dear Eco Chateau Family,

With the Stay at Home order extended we will remain closed past our original date of April 2nd. Our goal is to do our part to flatten the curve and help protect our community.  We will open as soon as we can and look forward to resuming your wellness journey with you soon.

Due to our extended closure, we have suspended all monthly membership payments until we reopen.  For those reoccurring memberships which have been charged from March 1 to March 29, we will extend your next due date for the length of time you were unable to access your membership.

We are keeping in touch with emails and voicemails so please feel free to reach out and we will get back to you.  If you need skincare, gut health or any other retail items let us know and we can send you what you need with free shipping.  And if you would like to stock up on your future wellness we are offering $100 gift cards for $80 while we are closed.

We will get through this and look forward to seeing all of you soon.  Stay safe and practice self-care.

In Wellness,

Anna and Steve Wright, Owners

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