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1. decide or announce that (an arranged or planned event) will not take place.
The quote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” is most often credited to John Lennon. We here at Eco Chateau don’t know the source, but we fully understand the sentiment.

As optimists, our team hopes you’ll make it to every relaxing & refreshing body wrap, colon hydrotherapy, facial, or massage appointment you book with us. Your therapist would never spend your scheduled time using their gifted hands to twiddle their thumbs. Your private sauna suite would never sit hot & empty, chromotherapy lights glowing despondently. As realists, we understand the many reasons why that doesn’t always happen.

Therefore, we’ve made some changes to our generous 24-hour cancellation & rescheduling policy:

• Therapist appointments canceled, rescheduled, or missed within 24 hours of start time will continue to incur a $40 fee, per appointment.

• Sauna & whole body vibration appointments canceled, rescheduled, or missed within 24 hours of start time will continue to incur a $25 fee, per appointment.*

As always, a credit card is required at time of booking. We take pride in our ability to not require pre-payment for appointments, thereby allowing you the flexibility to pay with a different method the day of your visit. (Because life happens, remember?)

*For our Luxe VIP Members, the late cancellation fees for sauna & whole body vibration appointments are waived. If you’d like to enjoy this, and the other many benefits of VIP membership – or if you’d like to upgrade from a monthly membership – please ask us how!

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patronage. Like Lennon also said, “All you need is love.” We have SO much of that for guests…we just need a little notice if you can’t make it in, too!


At Eco Chateau, we aim to help our guests with their wellness goals, while hurting the environment as little as possible.

Our beverage offerings play a huge role in helping you achieve those wellness goals. We provide access to fresh, natural, delicious juice and kombucha, supporting not only your cravings & health goals, but also local, independent businesses! And who doesn’t need a refreshing cup of filtered water after an intense sauna session?

Our suppliers, like us, are at the top of their fields: well-reviewed, and well-respected.

Our guests understand our commitment to high quality. Since so many of you are eco-friendly yourselves, you also know that there’s a delicate balance between conservation and comfort.

Keeping fresh, natural juice on hand requires a considerable amount of storage & proper refrigeration for your safety. Whenever a reserved juice isn’t picked up as scheduled, at best, space & cooling for future deliveries are affected. At worst, we’re forced to dispose of juice that could have been enjoyed by another thirsty guest.

Please pick up your juice when scheduled. In order to ensure maximum freshness and availability, the reservation for any juice not picked up by 1 hour before closing will be canceled, and the juice made available for sale to walk-in guests.

If your schedule makes it difficult for you to come in when scheduled, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate special circumstances where possible. Of course, you can always contact the spa for an update on our current supply, and swing by when you have the urge to relax and rehydrate – no reservation needed!

We appreciate your help as we work to preserve our low costs, our high quality, and our yummy juice!

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