Many of the services we offer at Eco Chateau promote gut health, which scientists are discovering to be much more important to physical and mental health and wellbeing than previous generations understood.

Did you know that scientific studies show that gut health is directly linked to many health issues?

Each of us has a personal microbiome in our intestines, featuring between 300 to 500 different types of bacteria. Much of the bacteria is necessary to our vitality. The bacteria, also called gut flora, are critical because they aid digestion, send signals to the body’s immune system, and are responsible for creating molecules essential for the brain.

We’re all born with gut flora from our mothers, and there is significant research that breastfeeding is linked to establishing a very healthy gut microbiome. How we live and eat also affects the health of the gut flora as we grow and age. For example, eating processed foods and a high-sugar diet can destroy healthy gut flora.

When gut health is poor, it:

  • Weakens immunity
  • Is linked to obesity
  • May contribute to auto-immune diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Can cause endocrine issues, skin conditions, cardiovascular disease, and cancer
  • Contributes to sleep disorders and chronic fatigue
  • Negatively affects mental health and mood

Researchers in Australia recently linked gut health issues to Parkinson’s disease. They found that infrared light therapy helped to restore a healthy gut.

At Eco Chateau, we’re proud to offer services that promote gut health.

Guests can book an infrared sauna session, which has been shown to boost immunity as well as help the gut microbiome. We have a range of pricing options, with an unlimited infrared sauna session membership at $240 a month. There’s also the option of booking an infrared body wrap if you’d prefer.

Another service that may help to boost gut health is colon hydrotherapy. (And if you’ve never tried this service, here’s our blog overviewing colon hydrotherapy facts vs. myths!) If you feel your gut health could use a reset and restoration, you can also check out our popular IonCleanse body detox sessions and whole-body vibration sessions.

Are you inspired to jumpstart your gut health? Contact our helpful team at Eco Chateau, the highest-rated spa in San Diego.