Mindfulness is a hot topic in health and wellness circles. The term may bring to mind a peaceful yogi or person meditating in a sunny field, but what does mindfulness mean, why does it matter, and how do we achieve it in our daily lives?


Living mindfully is being present. When you live mindfully, you commit to each experience as it happens. Mindfulness allows you to appreciate what each moment has to offer.


Are you worried that if you stop multitasking, you will lose productivity? Consider the benefit to your relationships if you consistently listened with your full attention.  What about your improved accuracy when completing a task?  Consider your state of mind the last time inspiration struck.


Spending more time each day in the moment will quiet your mind, increase creativity, lower stress, and improve focus. You will discover that rushing through your day absentmindedly was contributing to mistakes, lethargy, and anxiety.


To improve your ability to remain present, take opportunities to engage your senses. Pay careful attention to sights, smells, sounds, and touch. Engaging your senses will pull you into the moment while enriching your life without changing any of your surroundings.


Here are a few ways to start living more mindfully:


Make time for quiet at the start of the day: Some people like to meditate, pray, journal, soak in the healing rays of our infrared sauna, or just sit and concentrate on their senses. Absorb the moment and be still. Beginning each day with intention (instead of jumping in headlong) is conducive to calm and happiness.


Reframe everyday activities: When we’re busy being busy, we fail to notice the beauty in simple things. Pause for brief moments throughout the day and take in your surroundings. It could be the soothing warmth of water when you wash your hands, taking a deep breath as you sit at a red light, or slowly chewing your lunch to savor every flavor. Once you start practicing, you’ll notice so many things around you that you missed previously!


Give yourself a sensory boost: Walk barefoot at the beach. Schedule a regular massage with aromatherapy. Go for a walk in a garden or forest.


Play as hard as you work: Regard rest, recreation, self-care, and personal relationships as meaningful as work. When you schedule your week, include time for yourself – a call to a friend, reading a novel, or enjoying a facial.


Change your routine: If what you’ve been doing hasn’t allowed you to live in the moment, make some changes. They can be small, like spending a few minutes packing a healthy lunch at night so that you can enjoy good food the next day, or daily meditations in an infrared sauna.


Quiet your mind at night: Turn off the TV and put away the smartphone. Draw a warm bath or brew a cup of herbal tea. Read a few chapters of a book, journal about your day, do some yoga poses, complete your skincare routine with care. Take time to count your blessings and reflect on all the little moments of each day.


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