Like you, we are passionate about our global environment and the local community.  Our passion drives us to find creative ways to reduce waste, conserve resources and help the environment.


We want to share our green ideas in case you might like to try some of them at home or office.


Here are some of the ways our San Diego spa is taking care of you and our community:


Responsible energy: We offset our energy consumption with earth-friendly solar panels, which produce on average 70% of the power we utilize. We also use rechargeable batteries throughout our San Diego spa locations. All of the lighting and machines operate on timers, so they do not use excess power. Oh, and when nature calls, our toilets are all 1.6-gallon low-flow models.



Green construction: When the spas were built, we were able to use over 60% of the original walls. We also made a choice to use recycled, reclaimed and energy-efficient building materials – like our beautiful bamboo flooring (a renewable material), environmentally-friendly interior paint and reclaimed pallet wood details.


Carefully curated products: We strive to procure the healthiest products available. The majority of our services feature organic cruelty-free products. Even the cleaning products used in our San Diego spa are all natural and biodegradable.


Mindful of our carbon footprint: When possible we choose local vendors to minimize the impact of carbon emissions created transporting goods.  It’s a bonus that we can contribute to the local economy. Our team also looks for ways to offset our environmental impact; for example, we continue to care for the 50 trees planted on the property when the spa opened.


Recycle and Reuse: We recycle as much as possible and make a point to reuse paper (don’t forget about the back).  We have an excellent variety of donated magazines for our guests to read and we do our best to minimize our use of plastic containers and water bottles, opting for refillable whenever possible.


Do you have other ideas for making your home or business greener? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us at our Eco Chateau Wellness Spa locations in San Diego’s Sorrento Valley or Mission Valley.