Trying to justify booking a massage for yourself at one of our tranquil San Diego spa locations? Looking for a gift for a friend and not sure what to give? (Give the gift of a massage!)
Here are just a few of the many reasons to get (or give) a massage:


  • Improve immunity – Therapeutic touch is shown to boost the body’s production of white blood cells (to fight infection). Enhancing your natural immunity is especially important when heading into the back-to-school season (germs!) and flu season.


  • Reduce physical pain – Your muscles may be tense from the ongoing stress in your personal or work life or if you’ve overdone it at the gym. Massage helps to soothe away muscle tension and improve circulation (nourishing all those muscles). Headaches or migraines? Massage is an effective natural remedy.


  • Melt away stress – A massage is calming and releases all the feel-good hormones and natural chemicals in the body. The result? A drop in the stress hormone, cortisol, and all the other nasty stress-related tensions and feelings.


  • Make up for hours at a desk – If you glued to your chair for hours a day, your body will feel it. Often in your neck, shoulders, lower back, and, er, the gluteus maximus. Regular massage is the perfect antidote to sitting for prolonged periods.



  • Combat insomnia – Most people fall asleep faster and enjoy more deep sleep after regular massage treatments. (Have you noticed the boom in infant massage classes? Exactly!)


Call us to find out what massage would be most beneficial for you. If you want to treat a friend or loved one to a massage, our gift certificates are easy to purchase in person, by phone or online.

Contact our friendly team members to book a massage at either our Eco Spa location in Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley.