We’re all used to thinking about weight loss and gain in terms of the kinds of foods we eat and the amount. Calories and carbs are hot topics in our San Diego spa.  There’s not nearly as much talk about the times that we eat.


Academics at the University of Surrey, in England, have been studying how our body clock affects diet. They’re finding that when we eat significantly impacts how we burn calories.


One study had overweight women eat a certain amount of calories a day. Some ate most of the calories at breakfast while the others ate a small breakfast and most of their calories were consumed later in the day. Those who ate a heavy meal earlier in the day lost more than two times the weight of those who ate more calories in the evening.


The difference isn’t just that eating late doesn’t give you as much time to burn calories. Experts feel that having a longer night-time fast (and, incidentally, regular and sufficient sleep) tells our organs to start burning fat during the digestive system’s rest period. The result, when you eat – and sleep – can directly affect your waistline.


When we sleep also plays a key role. The times when we don’t get enough sleep, we’re more likely to eat impulsively and make unhealthy food choices. Lack of sleep also disrupts hunger hormones (leptin and ghrelin) leaving us hungrier.


Are you feeling stressed and fatigued? Often when we’re tired and stressed, we crave all those feel-good treats full of carbs and sugar. Instead of reaching for comfort food, visit our wellness spa for a therapeutic and stress-reducing massage treatment or infrared sauna session. You’ll feel better and manage cravings easier.


Not sure what to have instead of a heavy meal or junk food splurge? A nutritious kombucha or an organic juice packed with power greens and superfoods (like the one we use for our juice cleanses) is filling and energizing.


Do you struggle with insomnia? Some of our San Diego spa guests have trouble sleeping and find regular massage, exercise (yoga in our infrared sauna), and a relaxation ritual before bed (meditation, reading, writing or a bath) helps them sleep better.


How we metabolize food, including fats and carbs, is significantly impacted by when we eat and sleep. Experts state proper nutrition and rest is essential to how well our liver and pancreas function. Another recent study showed that irregular sleep patterns at night drops the effectiveness of insulin and increases systemic inflammation (double for men).


Visit Eco Chateau at our Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley locations or review our list of services for wellness treatments that will help you take steps to become healthier and happier.