The number on the scale can be a source of pride or pain, yet it’s only a piece of our overall health. Most of us have abstained from eating when hungry to lose weight. But what about opting for an ion cleanse detox, infrared light sauna, and creating small, healthy habits instead? Our fixation on weight can lead to drastic unsustainable actions that backfire, leaving us tired and frustrated.

When you concentrate on nourishing your body and fortifying your health versus obsessing exclusively on weight, you are more likely to take sustainable action. For example, someone trying only to reach a goal weight may opt for a highly restrictive diet that results in weight loss but also hunger and subsequent food fixation, ultimately leading to nutritional deficiencies or weight gain when the diet has ended. Someone focused on improved heath is likely to make changes that cause slow weight loss. However, they are more likely to maintain the well-established habits.

Some examples of healthy habits you could adopt are:

  • prefilling your daily water requirements for the next day
  • preparing a salad, soup or preparing vegetable snacks for the next couple days
  • setting a schedule for meditating, exercise class, a run or walk
  • scheduling a regular therapeutic massage
  • writing down a new habit you are establishing and posting it in a prominent place
  • substituting one evening alcoholic or sugary drink with water and apple cider or lemon
  • keeping a log of foods that leave you feeling miserable, tired or anxious
  • replacing one weekly dessert with fruit
  • drinking a glass of water with lemon in the morning before anything else
  • begin a new skill or sport: tennis, yoga, boxing, ballet, running
  • drink a glass of water before you eat
  • meditate daily, in an infrared sauna when possible
  • conduct a bi-annual or quarterly cleanse
  • schedule time to visit with friends in person or on the phone or zoom
  • select the least processed food option whenever possible

Focus on health rather than only on achieving a particular weight. When you switch from counting calories to healthy living through eating well, exercising regularly, and practicing self-care, it can be much kinder to our bodies and spirit. Evaluating your success based on progress towards a healthier lifestyle helps to enjoy the process and accept yourself as you are, resulting in a happier outlook and a higher likelihood of success.

Our bodies are intricate creations that require nourishment physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Consider how the body can use fat to store dangerous toxins away from vital organs. An ion cleanse detox could be a helpful first step in encouraging safe and effective detoxification. Cleansing and detoxing is a way to put your health first. (And our spa specials make it easy to make self-care a priority without straining your budget.)

There are different ways to rid your body of toxins to restore balance:

  • Augment your fitness goals: Try a new activity, maybe pickleball? Exercise in a new place, yoga in the infrared sauna? Try adding whole-body vibration to your healthy living plan and give your muscles an extra workout while alleviating back pain and improving balance.
  • Release toxins: Soak your toes and feet in our ion cleanse detox foot bath and let negatively-charged ions neutralize the acidic waste in your body’s tissues, or try colon hydrotherapy to remove trapped waste.
  • Sweat out toxins: Book regular infrared light sauna sessions to rejuvenate your body and spirit. Our ceramic infrared light heaters penetrate your skin on a deep level to promote healing and relax tired muscles. Other benefits include an increased heart and metabolic rate and improved circulation.
  • Commit: See what a difference a focus on your overall health and well-being can make. Our Eco Chateau 21 Day Purification and Detoxification Program is an investment in your health with significant savings.

When you take small steps to nourish, train and detox your body, benefits include reduced inflammation, promoting healthy and vibrant skin, and feeling more energetic. Your vitality not only helps you look better but also feel better. Having more energy and better digestion is a huge step toward achieving and maintaining health. People who exercise, follow healthy eating habits, and regularly detox report an improved mood, which helps improve sleep and positive thinking.

Are you looking for support on your road to improved health? Contact us now to book an ion cleanse detox, infrared light sauna or other services at our top-rated San Diego wellness spa locations in either Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley.