We’re hearing a lot of buzz about the Warrior Diet from guests at our San Diego spa. So what is the Warrior Diet? Is there science behind it? Does it work?


We love healthy living ideas, so our San Diego spa team has done a little digging into what the experts have to say about the Warrior Diet. Here’s the scoop:


Warrior Dieting 101


The man behind this dieting trend is a former member of the Israeli Special Forces named Ori Hofmekler. He now works in fitness and nutrition.


Hofmekler based the Warrior Diet on the idea that in ancient times warriors didn’t eat a lot during the day (they were busy doing other things!), but they’d feast at night. His theory is that survival instincts kick in when the body realizes that caloric intake has been lower for prolonged periods.


Mainly, the Warrior Diet utilizes intermittent fasting. You eat little for 20 hours (when you’re working and sleeping), but you can feast for four hours in the evening. When you feast, of course, the results will be better if you choose gut-healthy foods, lean protein, and fresh veggies.


Is the Warrior Diet based on scientific research?


Well, Hofmekler has said himself the Warrior Diet isn’t scientifically proven. He created this way of dieting based on what he thinks and how it makes him feel, and his body perform. Many other people seem to feel it works for them, too.


During the 20-hour fasting period, Hofmekler encourages people to choose healthy foods such as hard-boiled eggs, raw fruits or veggies, and to stay well hydrated (presumably with water and not sugary drinks).


Undoubtedly, if you focus on healthy, whole foods and nutrient-dense juices (like our San Diego spa’s fresh juices packed with power greens and superfoods), you’ll fare better than if you’re opting for junk food and soda!


Does the Warrior Diet work?


There is no hard science behind the Warrior Diet specifically.  However, eating well and observing periods of low food intake have shown to be beneficial for weight loss. Changing the focus from food as a comfort to fuel is also healthy (and you can reward yourself with other things like our San Diego spa treatments).


Developing a routine of intermittent fasting may help teach us to avoid overeating to cope with stress, another interesting shift in perspective. Is it just us but does a stress-reducing massage sound more tempting than a Twinkie or cupcake?!


If you find that it’s easier for you to eat healthy if you save the majority of your calories for later in the day this may be a good diet for you to try. Since many social activities involve evening meals, the Warrior Diet also has social perks that may make it easier to stick to over time. A word of caution, do avoid eating a large meal right before bed as it could disrupt your digestion and sleep. Also, always consult your healthcare provider before you start a new diet.


Are you looking for ways to boost the effectiveness of your diet?  Ask or experts about the detoxifying qualities of infrared sauna treatments, massage, and colon hydrotherapy.


Have you tried the Warrior Diet? Tell us your thoughts about it when you visit the Eco Chateau Wellness Spa at our locations in San Diego’s Sorrento Valley or Mission Valley for a health-promoting treatment.