Forget the diapering races and guess-the-baby-food games! Give your pregnant friend a spa baby shower. As cute as those classic baby shower games can be, let’s face it: those of us who’ve birthed babies and loved them through their infant days (and nights!!) and toddler curiosity understand that pampering is what every mama-to-be needs.

Give your pregnant friend a small spa baby shower as the last chance to indulge herself and spend quiet time with everyone before her priorities shift to the new little one.


Eco Chateau Wellness Spa offers an escape from the ordinary, with luxurious, tranquil spa settings and innovative, holistic services provided in Mission Valley and Sorrento Valley. Not only do we employ practitioners and therapists who are experts in their fields, but we also use earth-friendly products and are committed to being an eco-friendly spa.


Here’s how to plan a spa baby sprinkle or shower:women laughing in spa

  • Check availability: Contact us to see what dates and times we can accommodate your group to enjoy our services together.


  • Consider your options: Some groups like to sit and visit in the infrared sauna, but your friend’s healthcare provider might advise avoiding a sauna through pregnancy or limiting the time. You could all enjoy delicious organic juice or kombucha while you enjoy the ion body detox and rotate for facials, massages, or body wraps.


  • Invite your guests: See who can join you in celebrating with the mama-to-be! You could send a super easy evite or colorful card invitation. Have everyone RSVP (don’t forget to include the list of spa services). Everyone could chip in to cover the cost of the mama-to-be’s day at the spa and bring a little gift for the baby.


  • Thoughtful extras: We have event space available for private parties. Talk to our staff about catering options (light foods that are easy to eat are advisable)


  • Swag: Create a welcome bag for each participant to enjoy during their spa day. Some ideas include flip flops, a headwrap, bath goodies, Eco Spa Chateau natural skincare products or monogrammed towels.


  • Thank you notes: Bring a stack of thank you cards and envelopes (already stamped!). Have everyone present write their name and address on an envelope and then assign one friend to note what gifts were showered on mum or sprinkled on baby. Your friend can send her thank you notes before the baby arrives! This keeps the whole day stress free for mama-to-be.


Our top-rated San Diego Wellness spa locations in Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley are ideal for a small groups. Contact us at Eco Chateau Wellness Spa for help with planning an unforgettable Spa Baby Shower for your special mom-to-be.