We are excited to showcase new local items available in both of our San Diego spa locations. Shopping local is great for the economy, saves on excess packaging, and reduces the environmental impact of shipping. Specifically, these local items contain only the finest quality ingredients, and the final products aim to improve your wellbeing.


Here’s what you will find at your next visit.


Dirt Food

Unique spice curated to transform your coffee or other treats into a healthier indulgence. The 100% organic spices add essential antioxidants to your diet to reduce inflammation while modifying your acidic foods (like coffee) into a more alkaline nourishing drink. We love that, “Dirt Food™ was born in the trenches fighting cancer and fatigue.” Stop in and try a bottle.


Bella Vie

Aromas can uplift, relax, and improve focus.  Bella Vie candles are each crafted to prompt a specific emotional state.  All the products are 100% natural and are handcrafted in San Diego by Sharon Warfield. The natural soy wax provides a clean and long burn time, and sustainable packaging minimizes the environmental impact.


Holistic Science

You’ll love these natural, high-quality plant-based personal items. You can rest assured they are free from artificial colors, animal by-products, petrochemicals, irritants, and toxins. Each handcrafted product is made with ingredients from local organic farmers and with sustainable packaging.  Plus a percentage of the profits go to organizations that support education, the environment, and animal welfare.


Some of Me

Human connection is essential to wellbeing.  Take 15 minutes and send a beautiful card adorned with crystals, sequins or beads.  Created at the “Some of Me” California studio each three-dimensional piece will leave a positive lasting impression on the recipient.