When we were young, self-care was as simple as eating enough fruit and vegetables, brushing your teeth, sleeping well, playing outdoors, and getting regular check-ups. As kids, we didn’t hesitate to rest, and we sure didn’t feel guilty about a nap. Why does that change as we age?


The natural effects of aging and the added stress of adulting should warrant that we seek self-care when and as we need it. So why do some of us view self-care as an indulgence? It implies that you are not busy, and it doesn’t look productive.


Perhaps it’s the love of our society for being busy. How are you? Busy. What have you been up to? It’s been so busy. Want to do something? I would love to, but I’m so busy. No wonder so many adults report higher stress levels than generations of the past, even though we have more technology at our disposal than ever before.


Being busy – too busy to take care of ourselves – should not feel like a badge of honor. Mental wellness profession advocate that rest, including self-care, meditation, and enjoyable exercise, increase productivity. They also increase happiness, and happier people are more productive. Who doesn’t want to be happier and more productive?


Self-care is giving yourself permission to pause and give your body a little tender loving care. That TLC can be as simple as vowing to get eight hours of sleep a night, drink more water, and spend time alone, meditating, getting a massage, and soaking up some infrared light. Of course, the better you care for yourself, the better you will feel and can perform.


Self-care is like fueling (or charging) up your vehicle.  Sure, you are just sitting there – going nowhere, but if you fail to do it, you’re going to get stuck somewhere unpleasant for much longer. Taking time out from the daily grind is essential.


Massage is very beneficial self-care. Not only does it improve your circulation and relieve sore muscles, but therapeutic touch also boosts psychological well-being.


An infrared sauna is a peaceful place for quiet rejuvenation. Infrared sauna services encourage your cells to produce more energy, promote healing, and improve your body’s immune response. Some of our clients enjoy the infrared sauna for quiet meditation, while others book the large yoga sauna to reconnect with a good friend over some yoga practice. Our infrared sauna session packages make it easy to make your health a priority.


Skincare is as therapeutic for your spirit as it is for your complexion. We offer a range of skincare services, from facials to infrared body wraps. Our products are organic and eco-friendly, so you can feel good about taking care of yourself.


Making choices based on self-care is an essential step to health and happiness. Instead of reaching for candy bars, fast food, or another glass of wine, find healthier ways to cope with daily stress.


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