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As part of our mission to provide premium wellness treatments at Eco Chateau, we always look for the best organic skin care products.


Why does it matter if you use organic skin care products?


Your skin is the largest organ of the body and part of the protective integumentary system (which includes your skin, nails, and hair). Anything placed on your surface will be absorbed and make its way into the bloodstream.  Many of the products sold widely for personal hair and skin care are full of dangerous synthetics. Watch for ingredients like sulfates, formaldehyde (and its derivatives), triethanolamines (TEAs) and diethanolamines (DEAs).


Did you know that the US Food and Drug Administration doesn’t oversee most of the ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care items? Other than color additives, approval for safety is left to the cosmetic firms. Think about how often you use products on your body, face, and scalp. Have you ever thought about the ingredients? Take a look at the ingredients in some of your daily products. Regular use over several years even decades could have damaging effects.



As part of our green wellness spa initiative, we pay attention to labels because we want the best options for our clients and the environment. Labels can be tricky. Here are some tips to consider when reading labels.


Some terminology is left to the discretion of the company. If you see descriptions like, “natural,” “non-toxic” and “plant-based” you still need to read the label. These terms have not been legally defined meaning it’s up the manufacturer to determine if they deem their products plant-based for example because it is composed of some plant ingredients.


Organic may not be certified organic. When products are certified organic, you can be sure that they have met certain standards, and 95% of the ingredients are free of synthetics. “Synthetics” would include pesticides and chemically-based fertilizers or dyes. Additionally, the processing did not include harmful solvents. Small companies may not produce enough product to go through rigorous organic certification, however, understanding where they source their ingredients and how they manufacture their products will indicate how pure and safe they are.


Certified natural is not the same as certified organic. It’s a bit misleading, arguably, because only certified organic products have met standards to be pure and safe.



At our San Diego wellness spas, our practitioners use cruelty-free products and organic skin care whenever possible. We also seek to source our products locally as part of our green spa initiative.


When you book spa services at Eco Chateau, you can trust that we’re watching out for your whole-body wellness with safe organic skin care products for our treatments and for you to purchase and use at home. Come and visit  – the highest-rated health and wellness spa in San Diego county – at your choice of our Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley spa locations.