In the last decade, more men have started making their health and wellness a priority by going to the spa. 

According to the International Spa Association, male customers have increased from around a quarter of all spa guests in 2005 to nearly half by 2019. American men going to the spa are currently estimated to be around 40 percent of spa patrons. Men enjoy couples spa packages; however, more frequently, they head to the spa alone.

Male customers generally gravitate towards specific services like sports massage, cupping massage therapy, facials, a sports massage, cupping, or infrared sauna. They want to be in and out efficiently and value their privacy. According to statistics, more than 80 percent of male visitors to spas are there for massage services, but that’s not all. The range of services they seek has expanded notably. Over 30 percent of male spa guests are booking other services in addition to massage, including everything from skin and nail care to alternative wellness therapies like whole-body vibration and colon hydrotherapy closed system. Nearly half of men say they’re open to exploring mind/body wellness treatments. Some experts attribute this change to increased knowledge of homeopathic stress management and overall wellness treatments in addition to the rise in social media and online dating apps, making men more conscious of physical appearance.

We find that all our guests appreciate our approach to providing health and wellness for the whole person in a tranquil and eco-friendly space. Some people hesitate to come to the spa because they worry about their body image. Everyone on our team from spa therapists to estheticians and coordinators are professionals, passionate about wellness for everybody.

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