Want to start a rewarding meditation practice, make it easier to keep your commitment to meditate or improve your practice? An infrared sauna may be your solution. Not only does it provide a calm, warm, quiet environment for meditation but the sauna itself provides many health-enhancing benefits including boosting immunity and lowering stress.


Treating yourself and taking care of your health is easy when you can enjoy a 40-minute standard infrared sauna treatment at our top-rated San Diego wellness spa for just $40. (Pro-tip: you can get a 10-pack of infrared sauna sessions for $270 – or ask us about our unlimited monthly memberships).

view of large infrared sauna glass door and bench inside

When you visit us for an infrared sauna treatment, you are ushered into a private dressing room and sauna. If you select the large yoga sauna you can bring a friend, otherwise, you can look forward to 40 minutes of quiet and privacy. We provide a towel, so there’s nothing special you need to bring. Unless you have special music or props for your meditation.


If you’ve never meditated, there are many self-guided meditation apps to help you focus and relax, and the quiet healing environment of the sauna is an ideal setting.


Meditation helps regulate emotions and sharpen concentration to become more aware. People who meditate often find that it benefits the body by lowering blood pressure, facilitating better breathing, improving focus and achieving a rested feeling.


When you meditate in an infrared sauna, the meditation experience intensifies as you are more aware of the rhythm of your breathing in the hot environment. As your body releases sweat and toxins through your pores, your mind is also cleared, allowing peace and tranquility to wash over you.


The feelings of physical energy your body experiences from the heat are complemented by the way your mind is energized and nourished with improved circulation and breathing.


Ready to transform your spirit? Try meditating in our infrared sauna and enjoy the healing of this mind-body experience.


Book infrared sauna at Eco Chateau in either our Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley locations and jump-start a healing, healthy routine.