Are you curious how, or if, infrared light therapy works?

Infrared light therapy is a uniquely non-invasive treatment that doesn’t just feel good; it promotes healing.

Just as the infrared rays from natural sunlight nourish our bodies with heat and Vitamin D, infrared light therapy delivers healing wavelengths of light to our skin. The difference is that infrared light therapy doesn’t emit any skin-damaging UV rays.

At Eco Chateau Wellness Spa, we use ceramic infrared heaters because they are energy efficient (read: eco-friendly). They allow us to focus the light and warmth where it’s needed most.

Our ceramic infrared heaters give off healing infrared rays that penetrate the skin deeply and painlessly. It’s a simple process that boosts healthy skin naturally, which is why many dermatologists and naturopathic doctors are proponents of this treatment.

Whether you’re feeling a bit stiff and sore or have sustained an injury, infrared light therapy promotes healing from within. It increases circulation so that more healing nutrients and oxygen reach the cells in your body, reducing inflammation.

The best news is that unlike other natural remedies (a spoonful of liquid cod liver oil comes to mind), infrared light therapy is pleasant and not something to endure for the greater good of your health.

It’s fast and easy to visit one of our locations and enjoy an infrared sauna session. You can come on your own with your favorite tunes, podcast, or audiobook or bring a friend. Our rates are competitive and start as low as $40 for 40 minutes.

Alternately, you can treat your skin to the combined benefits of infrared light therapy and rich detoxifying minerals and slimming boosters when you book our rejuvenating infrared body wraps. The thermal heat and soothing mixture of minerals help to burn calories and improve the appearance of your skin’s tone and texture.

Ready to improve your health at a cellular level? Book an infrared light therapy service at our elegant Eco Chateau Wellness Spas in either San Diego’s Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley.