Have you noticed all the back-to-school displays in stores? And even Halloween items?! At our top-rated San Diego wellness spa, we like to think of these late summer and early autumn days as a time to get ourselves ready for the busy seasons ahead.

The lazy days of summer will soon be behind us, and we’ll be gearing up for all the activities and demands of work and home. Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be upon us and the notoriously busy winter season – complete with the colds, flu, and illnesses that peak by February.

Want to start this coming fall and winter at our best, with our bodies and minds in a peak state of wellness.

Here’s our action plan:

  • Be ready to say no if your schedule becomes too full. Some of us find it hard to set limits. If you have a habit of always saying yes, instead say you’ll think about it. Then call or email to say, “While I’d like to help, I can’t this time. I’ve got too much on my plate.”
  • Take your vitamins, eat your vegetables, and drink your water. You are what you eat, so fuel your body wisely! It may be an excellent time to try our Eco Chateau 21-Day Purification and Detoxification Program.
  • Practice your favorite exercise and get your routine in a groove. When we build things into our everyday routines, we’re more likely to stick to the schedule – even during the more hectic days ahead.
  • Get some infrared light therapy to keep your immunity high and your skin glowing. Our infrared light therapy saunas are relaxing and rejuvenating. Here’s what you need to know about how infrared spas boost immunity.
  • Relax. We like to pride ourselves on doing a lot, multi-tasking, and working hard, but our brains and bodies need downtime. Be sure to make time for relaxation through meditation, a walk, quiet reading time, relaxing massage, a facial, or a warm bath.
  • Book time in your schedule to wind down. It will ensure that you prioritize your health and wellness alongside all the other demands for your time.

We’re here to help you make your health a priority. Check out our spa specials, which make it easier to put your health first at Eco Chateau, the highest-rated wellness spa in San Diego county – at your choice of our Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley locations.