We are all susceptible to fatigue. Whether the cause is insomnia, stress, health complications, aging or an overly busy schedule the effect is similar.

Feeling drained can make it difficult to focus, enjoy the present, take care of obligations and plan for the future. From brain fog to dragging yourself up the stairs there’s nothing fun about fighting fatigue. Thankfully you don’t need to continually struggle. Here are some small lifestyle changes that can help make a big difference in your energy levels.


The key is quality and quantity. Quantity is that target 8 hours give or take an hour per night. Quality is a bit more complicated. You want your room as dark as you can, and if you find aromatherapy soothing consider using lavender, lemon or bergamot to help you fall asleep faster. Studies have also shown that it’s beneficial to keep a regular sleep schedule. If you need to alter your sleep schedule do your best to keep your wakeup time within thirty minutes if possible to avoid impacting your circadian rhythms. Your diet and lifestyle are other important factors, we’ll get to that later.


A diet including selenium, vitamins C, D and B6, tryptophan, calcium, omega-3, melatonin and plenty of water can make a big difference in ensuring restful sleep at night. Creating the perfect sleep diet can feel like it requires a dedicated laboratory instead of a kitchen, however, if you focus on eating lots of vegetables and protein, avoiding caffeine at least seven hours before bed and restrain from indulging in too much alcohol you will likely meet your goal. If you would like assistance getting in the mood for snooze listen to grandma and sip some warm milk, brew yourself a camomile tea or snack on fresh cherries.

If digestive issues interrupt your sleep cycle, consider trying our juice cleanse to give your belly a break. You’ll feel the difference of these high-quality, organic power greens and fruits on your system. The healing probiotics in Kombucha can also help. Stop into the spa and try a glass of our brew on tap.


Good news, whatever your favorite exercise is, it’s likely a big help in boosting your energy levels and helping you get the best shut-eye at night. Aerobic exercise, strength training, and yoga poses are all beneficial in increasing energy during the day and promoting a restful sleep at night. Exercise will make you feel more vibrant during the day and relaxed at night but if exercise is new to your regimen your body may need time to adjust give it a commitment of a couple months before evaluating the effectiveness.

Therapeutic treatments

Sometimes sleep, diet and aerobic exercise are not enough. Therapeutic treatments can give your body the extra care it needs to increase energy during the day and allow you to rest comfortably at night. They can also help to compensate for the areas of your sleep, diet, and exercise that are less than ideal.

There are several therapeutic treatments that help improve energy here are a couple to consider:

Consistent and regular infrared light therapy can help some insomnia sufferers reset their natural circadian rhythms, making it easier to follow the natural pattern of sleeping and waking. Enjoying our Infrared Light Sauna is a wonderful way to relax your muscles and quiet your mind as you improve both your circulation and metabolic rate. The infrared light heats up your body temperature, and when you leave, your body will cool down quickly. The cooler temperature signals to your body that it is time to start producing melatonin and get a good sleep.

Similarly, regular body massage treatments offer you multiple benefits. Enjoying a regular full-body massage not only improves your circulation and nourishes your muscles with oxygen and nutrients, but it also reduces anxiety as it lowers levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and boosts serotonin levels, which is key to feelings of wellbeing.

At Eco Chateau, our priority is to help our guests embrace a life of holistic health. (Check out our memberships and explore our specials, which allow you to get more services for less). We offer a range of treatments designed to facilitate good health and help with chronic tiredness.

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