Many of our guests find the infrared sauna to be rejuvenating and relaxing. But for some of our members, it’s an important part of their cancer treatment plan.


Our San Diego spa wellness team is passionate about holistic health. We don’t just talk about it. We put our words into action.


In 2014, Lisa, one of our guests, told us that she was glad to see that Eco Chateau was supporting breast cancer awareness and research. She then shared with us that she had been fighting a very rare, stage four adrenal cortex carcinoma that had metastasized to her lungs.


Unlike breast cancer, her rare cancer didn’t have much publicity and support. Lisa’s experience challenged us to think about rare diseases and caring for people undergoing chemotherapy. We created our TLC for the Big C Program, which is active today, and donate our Monthly Wellness Membership to an individual undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


Lisa was the first recipient of our program back in 2014; we rejoiced with her when she outlived every medical prognosis, and we grieved when we lost her in May of 2017.


If you or someone you love is undergoing treatment for cancer, please tell them about our TLC for the Big C Program (and know that when you visit our San Diego spa locations, you’re supporting a business that helps others in the community with a pay-it-forward philosophy!).


The Monthly Wellness Membership includes:



Many people with a cancer diagnosis are battling feelings of anxiety, worry, and stress in addition to their physical discomforts. Providing community support, relaxation, therapeutic massage, and detoxification is our way of helping people through this challenging time.


If you are healthy, you can also enjoy the benefits of the Monthly Wellness Membership for a fee. Make a commitment to stress reduction and self-care for a healthier and happier lifestyle.  The monthly wellness membership is a simple way to dedicate a few enjoyable hours each month to feeling and looking great.


Contact our Eco Chateau Wellness Spa locations in San Diego’s Sorrento Valley or Mission Valley for more information about services that can be an essential part of your wellness plan.