Our mission at Eco Chateau is to have a balanced approach to ecological and economic sustainability. What does that look like in our day-to-day operations? Our leadership team believes in being purposeful.


We shared our strategy as recent guests on the ORION podcast. ORION connects people to the knowledge and resources they need to drive a more conscious form of capitalism. Co-owner Steve Wright spoke about how Eco Chateau Wellness Spa approaches sustainability as a means to support their team, clients, community, and the planet.


“We are very intentional with who we bring to work on the Team. Purposeful hiring recognizes strengths and allows people room to grow. Understanding why you’re here – goes a long way to providing exceptional customer service. Our Team strives to provide very personalized service. We take pride in the Yelp reviews that mention our team members by name.”


Being sustainable and eco-friendly involves everything from building construction to services and products, which helps us build human connections. “You can come knowing that we’re doing what we can for the planet in every step of the business. You can choose to come to a company that shares your values socially or environmentally,” says Olivia Grahl, Eco Chateau’s assistant manager.


In addition to eco-friendly business practices, Steve is proud of the social programs undertaken at Eco Chateau. For example, they offer membership options to make wellness accessible to every budget, with add-ons and flexibility. For example, members can gift services to loved ones for a nominal fee, which is a beautiful way to share wellness.


“The program that we’re most proud of is our TLC for the Big C program, which offers free membership to people going through cancer treatments,” explains Steve. He notes that their Team loves when people “graduate” from this program and purchase memberships at Eco Chateau because they have finished cancer treatment. Our team is privileged to be in a position to help.


During the second pandemic shut-down in California, our management team used the lockdown time to do a 21-day detox program together – another example of a purposeful approach to living out their business mission. Not only did the team bond over the experience and focus on their wellbeing at a difficult time, but the experience deepened their understanding of the detox program they offer to guests.


When guests visit either of the two Eco Chateau locations in San Diego, they can trust that Eco Chateau is making decisions that respect the local community and the planet. “We encourage people to look to local companies for products and services. We strive to source organic, sustainable, and local products. Eco Chateau guests enjoy colon hydrotherapy in a relaxing spa setting alongside massage, skincare, detox programs, infrared saunas, and ion foot detox” says Olivia.


How are you purposeful about your health and wellness? Come and visit us at Eco Chateau, the highest-rated spa in San Diego county – at your choice of our Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley locations.


Watch the ORION episode at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8bnEW-HGx8