If you’ve ever wished that you didn’t feel so tired all the time or longed for stronger immunity, you might be surprised at some simple changes that can have a significant impact on your health.

Drink more water. It’s true! Most of us know this in theory, but actually doing it — drinking several glasses of water a day — is the key. Water flushes out toxins and hydrates our bodies at the cellular level, which is why proper fluid intake makes you feel less fatigued and improves skin health. Adequate hydration is integral to good health. In fact, it’s helpful to be well hydrated even before colon hydrotherapy. In any case, carry a water bottle with you and make maximum water intake a habit.

Get enough sleep. Not some sleep, but enough sleep! The majority of Americans report being sleep-deprived, but that’s not something to be proud of. Lack of sleep doesn’t just make you cranky, it can severely impact your mental focus and overall health. Rest gives our bodies time to heal and repair, so it’s not surprising that an ongoing sleep deficiency is scientifically linked to conditions like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and high blood pressure. Get eight hours of rest as often as you can. (Suffer from insomnia? Try infrared light therapy to help restore a healthy sleep cycle naturally.)

Eat well. Strive to make choosing healthy, whole foods a routine and fast or junk food the exception. Food fuels the body, so go for the best available options. Preparing your own food at home can help you stay on track, and there are plenty of quick and easy healthy recipes online. If you struggle to eat enough veggies (especially those leafy greens!), try our delicious organic juice cleanse because it is packed with nutrients and fiber.

Exercise. Adults require a minimum of 30 minutes of daily movement, which should include a mix of moderate aerobic exercise and strength training of the main muscle groups. You can join a gym or find other ways to be active like dancing with friends, walking a dog, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You can try yoga in our innovative infrared light therapy sauna at our Mission Valley location to benefit from the meditation, exercise, and healing light at the same time.

Minimize stress. Listen to your body; if you’re feeling tension or suffer from stress headaches, you need to look at ways to improve your wellbeing. Massage effectively reduces stress because when our muscles are kneaded, our bodies release endorphins. Improved circulation helps to oxygenate the body and promotes healing.

Detoxify. You can jump-start this process with a juice cleanse and by eating detoxifying foods. Be sure to try colon hydrotherapy to gently remove excess waste that is full of toxins from your intestines. It’s a natural, soothing treatment that promotes good health by reducing constipation, bloating, and gas.

Make self-care part of your routine. It’s so easy to put work or family demands ahead of our own health. When we take proper care of ourselves we can operate at our top mental and physical capacity. Enjoy regularly scheduled self-care alongside the rest of life’s demands and become a better person for it.

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