Name: Monica Dietrich


Life Motto:     “What You Think, You Become. What You Feel, You Attract. What You Imagine, You Create.”  -Buddha


Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia


Lived in San Diego: I moved to Sunny San Diego in October of 2018!


Hobbies: I love hiking, going to the beach, reading, writing, playing with my two-year-old pup, cooking new meals with my husband, and hanging out with family & friends!


Something that people would be surprised to know about you: When I moved to California, my husband and I drove cross-country with only our dog, what could fit in my small sedan from my apartment & nothing else!


Special Skills: Thinking outside of the box!


What you LOVE about what you do: I love being able to play a part, not matter how big or small in witnessing and helping with people on their journey to wellness! I also love feeling part of a team that all has the same goal of striving to live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle, and investing in our health!

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