Life Motto: “Keep it Moving and Stay in your Lane.”

Hometown: San Diego

Lived in San Diego:…almost all my life. Proud Navy Brat!

Hobbies: Love being outdoors and enjoying all the beautiful scenery San Diego has to offer.

Something that people would be surprised to know about you: This career choice is my 2nd wind. I was in the corporate world for a long time before shifting gears. I’m so blessed to have made the transition successfully.

I am also an undercover couch potato. I love my PJs. I’m secretly lazy. My body says “No”, but my mind holds me accountable and gets me going!

Special skills: I can find efficiency in ANY process. Is that a special skill?

What you LOVE about what you do: I’ve been in the Health, Wellness and Spa industry for 11 years now. I enjoy sharing my journey with clients and helping them reach their goals. I cherish my clients and their stories inspire and humble me. This industry is ever changing and I get excited about new techniques, services and products. I am honored to be working alongside an amazing sisterhood of women who want to better the San Diego community one person at a time.

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