Life Motto: Risk Nothing Gain Nothing

Hometown: San Diego

Lived in San Diego: Born & Raised!

Hobbies: I have always been a Disney lover so I found a creative outlet in making flower crowns and Minnie Ears and selling them on Etsy. It’s like my way of meditating!

Something that people would be surprised to know about you: I’ve always been extremely interested in speech and languages. I would love to learn as many as 10 languages. I am currently teaching myself German, Italian, and Russian. Zdravstvuy! ?

Special Skills: I love oil paining! I’ve always had a fascination with astronomy so I love painting planets and stars. I have always been artsy! I draw, paint, sculpt and I am a photoshop geek, I even received degrees in Graphic Design, Digital Art, and Art History!

What you LOVE about what you do: I just love having a job where I can help people become the best version of themselves physically and mentally. Helping people feel better and get healthier is very rewarding. And of course I love meeting all different types of people, it makes for a very interesting day!

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