Life Motto: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!” Dorie from ‘Finding Nemo’

“Follow your heart and trust your instincts.” I am learning more and more every day to be true to myself while listening to that guiding, inner voice.

Hometown: San Diego, California

Lived in San Diego: Born and raised, homegrown San Diegan!

Hobbies: I love spending time with friends, family and my sweet husband. I enjoy dancing, making jewelry, traveling, sharing great food, cooking, laughing and having exciting adventures. I am an artist at heart and have spent many years in the entertainment industry. I love the theatre and have been recently considering taking a stab at stand up comedy… did I say I love to laugh? This year I have also discovered I have an unexpected talent for oil painting, thanks to my Mom and it will forever be a great passion of mine. Mostly I strive to live life to the fullest and have gratitude for each moment I am given.

Something that people would be surprised to know about you: In my former career I specialized in animal training and behavior modification at Sea World San Diego. I’ve worked with numerous species of exotic animals including birds of prey, waterfowl and large parrots. I have also been fortunate enough to work with sea lions, otters, walruses, dolphins, pilot whales and the majestic killer whales during my 11 years in the park. I feel blessed in having that experience because it was truly an amazing adventure!

Special Skills: I am a person of many talents and I used to believe my greatest skill was my ability to entertain theatrically. However, I have come to realize that my most special gift is my healing touch. Throughout my life, I have always been told I have a comforting sense of touch that makes people feel relaxed and at ease. I am so thrilled to reconnect with the holistic side of skincare and to be surrounded with like-minded healers who wish to share their artistry.

What you LOVE about what you do: I love helping and connecting with people. What I enjoy most is the exchange of energy that happens in a healing environment. When I can bring peace and relaxation to another human being, something very special happens and I receive a piece of that healing in return. It’s a beautiful cycle of giving and receiving that makes this practice so rewarding.

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