Looking to work in an amazing work environment?

Life is Too Short Not To Love Your Job
Being Happy = Being Productive

This is the 21st Century, so we do away from traditional job ideas. We believe work needs to be fun and something that makes you excited that you jump out of bed each morning.

Our team loves our work culture, flexible scheduling, and positive work enviornment. Make it in, and you’ll be working with some of the most talented, caring, and considerate people in the wellness industry. We understand that “A” people attract “A” people.

Tips for Applying

Your application must include: A resume and a video cover letter. Record yourself speaking in a 3 minute video and upload it to YouTube. Highlight your passions, motivations for applying, and your love for your talent. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to this stellar team. Be specific.

Note: Please don’t worry about over-doing your video cover letter. You don’t need special effects or any form of video editing (unless you choose to). Feel free just to shoot it from your smart phone. You can send the goods to Relax(at)SpaEcoChateau(dot)com.

Interested? You can email Relax(at)SpaEcoChateau(dot)com or call us so we can get you all set up!

View our current job listings here: https://www.indeedjobs.com/eco-chateau/_hl/en_US

Eco Chateau Mission Valley