Crystals: Tips & Tricks!

Crystals & Stones for Positive Energy

Let’s be honest sometimes you just feel off. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities we have in life, but crystals and stones are powerful tools to help you get back on track. Crystals and stones have such an extraordinary ability to store, transmit and transform energy to help the pursuit of health, wellness and spirituality. Incorporating them into your lifestyle has major benefits including relaxation, warding off sickness, shedding negative energy and absorbing positive energy.

With the help of our beautiful and knowledgeable team, we created a breakdown of what each one we offer does so that you can be sure to find which ones are right for you. Below are three of the crystals and stones we carry – we will go over the others next week!

Amethyst: Calming

What it is:
v Meditative and calming stone

v Works in emotional and spiritual to promote calm and balance

v Rich in violet color

v Crown chakra- center for trust and positivity

v Used to treat addiction

How to use:
v Place in the corners of the room, your home or office, to protect from negative energy.

v Place your Amethyst under your pillow to cleanse your energy while you sleep and cure you of nightmares and insomnia by balancing your crown chakra.

v Wear as a necklace to take advantage of the healing powers.

v Drop amethyst into water and as you hydrate it’ll help to stop bad habits and addictions.

Smokey Quartz: Mood Balancer

What it is:
v Elevates mood
v Helps overcome negative emotions and relieve depression
v Relieves stress, fear, jealousy and anger
v Grounding stone, so it removes and changes negative energy
v Removes toxins
v Helps with nightmares and insomnia
v Root chakra – foundation of health and helps to live a balanced life

How to use it:
v Keep your smoky quartz by your computer desk to help protect yourself from computer or electronic device’s electromagnetic waves.
v Wear as a necklace to keep a positive mood throughout the day.
v Quick meditation practice: hold smoky quartz on your root chakra or hold in hand, inhale gentle deep breathes visualizing light entering your body from stone and exhale any nervous feelings to feel grounded fast.

Citrine: Joy, Money

What it is:
v Third chakra – naval “manipura”= lustrous gem of the city, energetic power center of the body

v Creativity and wealth to help embrace leadership roles

v “Success stone” or “Merchant stone”

v Well known to manifest abundance and brings good energies of good fortune

v Joyful stone, bringing happiness and removes negative energy to bring positivity

How to use it:
v If you’re having pains, hold Citrine on the pain. For example, for a stomach ache, hold over stomach area to relieve stomach pains.

v Think about what you’d like to manifest (money, health, new job) and write it down as if you already have it: “I now have a job I love.” Hold your Citrine in your dominant hand and say your manifest repeatedly out loud or in your head until you feel ready to stop. Once “programmed,” keep your Citrine near you.

v Fill your tub with warm water and place citrine in the tub to allow the water to be charged. Adding sea salt or Epson salt helps to absorb negative energy. Add as many essential oils as you’d like and soak in your tub for 20 minutes.

v Wear Citrine when you need an extra boost of confidence, a presentation at work, a job interview, or a first date. Citrine helps to banish anxiety and self-doubt.

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