Belle Epoque Customized Organic Facial

Organic products and a non-acidic peel are combined with powerful anti-aging serums to promote clear and healthy skin with an effective anti-aging approach. Customized for every skin type! $99 for one hour.
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Le Petit 30-Minute Organic Facial

A perfect lunchtime skin-care pickup with just the basics of a facial. $59 for 30 minutes.
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Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

A soothing back facial treatment which works to eliminate back acne, back acne scars, impurities and evens out skin tone on the back. Includes a cleansing, exfoliating, extraction (if needed), a relaxing back massage, followed by an ultra-nourishing and soothing mask. $109 for one hour (Monthly Wellness Members can upgrade your monthly treatment for only $10!)
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Crème de la Crème Premium Facial

Give yourself the papering that you deserve! This all-inclusive treatment comes with all the greatness of our Belle Epoque Organic Facial PLUS some extra massage and a 15-minute microdermabrasion session to fully rejuvenate your skin! $129 for 75- 80 minutes (Monthly Wellness Members can upgrade your monthly treatment for only $30!).
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Clear Skin System

Suffering from acne? This System will help eliminate your acne and clear up your skin! Your first visit will consist of a 15-minute consultation, One Hour Customized Belle Epoque Facial and the fantastic Detox Kit from the 302 Skin Care line to get you started. You will also get THREE more customized 30-minute facials that include extractions, exfoliation and ozone treatment, which will keep bacteria at bay. Only $270 for this amazing, skin-clearing system! If you feel that your skin still needs a little more TLC, you can add on three more customized 30-minute facials for $140.
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CLICK HERE to read Christine’s Success Story with our Clear Skin System

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Pack of 3 Belle Epoque Facials $255

Pack of 5 Belle Epoque Facials $415

Pack of 7 Belle Epoque Facials $565

Pack of 10 Belle Epoque Facials $770

Please be aware that a $40 cancellation fee applies to last minute cancellations (less than 24 hour notice) and “no show” appointments.



A gentle and effective way to exfoliate the skin and remove dry, dead skin cells. $59 for a half hour treatment or add on to any regular facial for only $30.

Pumpkin Peel Add on   

Rich in Vitamin A and hundreds of other phytonutrients, pumpkin enzymes gently exfoliate the skin, refine pores, normalize oil production and fight free radical damage. Add on to any facial for only $20.

Galvanic Infused Serum Add on   

Galvanic Infusion is a well-known, tried and tested anti-aging facial treatment for introducing serums 4,000 times deeper into the skin than a hand applied product can penetrate, via an extremely safe and mild electric current. This technique offers what is called transdermal delivery and will improve a wider range of skin conditions, leading to a fresher, brighter and more youthful appearance. Add on to any facial for only $20.


High Frequency Add On   

For healthy skin and beauty, nourish from the inside out! Adding on High Frequency to your facial stimulates blood flow to the skin’s surface and brings inner radiance outward. High Frequency works by delivering oxygen deep into dermal cells. The result is skin that feels invigorated by warmth, cellular turnover and detoxification. The treatment delivers an enriching clean sweep known to soothe and prevent breakouts, cysts and ingrown hairs while shrinking enlarged pores and reducing the appearacnce of fine lines and wrinkles. Add on to any facial for only $20.

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