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we LOVE hearing your feedback!

Another great review this week – thank you Ahryana for noticing the “little things” that we do to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated! We are glad that you left feeling refreshed and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Staff Spotlight!

As promised, we are going to help you continue to get to know our team each week. Below are two of our newest massage therapists: Cora was born in San Diego and although she has lived in other places, she always returns to San Diego and calls it home. While going through her team profile,… Read more

Nicole’s Corner!

I have officially been in Arizona for two weeks now and the transition has been smooth so far. We are about 75% through unpacking all the boxes, which is a great feeling. I love unpacking! I think it’s fun to find a new place for everything and it gives you a great reason to donate… Read more

Our New MAY Challenge

we are offering a MAY RESET CHALLENGE, similar to our very successful 28-day challenge we ran in Jan & Feb so be sure to ask an Eco Chateau team member about it next time you are in!

Life Goals Anyone!?

Do you have a ‘Bucket List’ for your life? If you need inspiration, this is a GREAT list to check out: Jack Canfield’s 101 Goals List I’ve had my list in the NOTES section of my iphone but will spending some time this weekend to really organize and expand my list. Speaking of Bucket Lists,… Read more

New Episode Alert! Episode 13

Joe Fier has been a friend of mine for years and is a fellow entrepreneur and health freak. We know each other through a business marketing group and he’s just all-around an awesome dude! Through the years of owning various marketing related companies, he’s a regular CrossFitter (not in a cult-like way!), has run marathons,… Read more

we LOVE our guests!!!

We love feedback from our guests! It’s always great to hear from people who are discovering our hidden gem for the first time. A BIG thank you to Kelley for stopping in and leaving us some love! We are so glad that your experience was top-notch and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Next Biohacking Meetup!

Our next Biohacking Meeting will be Sunday, April 23 from 10:00-11:30am in our Sorrento Valley location. We will be learning about the importance of meditation and breathing with Debra Wanger, a Certified Bulletproof Coach! Afterwards, we will enjoy some Bulletproof Coffee. If you’ve never tried some, now is the time! CLICK HERE to register for… Read more

why we LOVE our team!

One of the great things about business growth is the growth of the team. We have done some internal restructuring and have brought on additional Therapists and Spa Coordinators – it’s our commitment to continuing to provide you with the best guest experience possible. With so many great additions, it was hard to pick just… Read more

An Executive Decision!

I had to make what I like to call an “executive decision” today. You see, a few of our wonderful clients had missed our big semi-annual “Beat the Clock” special that we had a couple weeks ago… Okay, okay, let’s try it just one more time. The next one will not be until the day… Read more

New Episode Alert! Episode 12

Hi, I’m Jenn Malecha, the Wholistic Health Boss. I wasn’t always this health conscious. I grew up playing sports, but I was the kid who struggled to run the mile during those stupid PE tests and dreaded spring training sessions for high school basketball. I used to eat the most unhealthy foods in high school,… Read more

EC Does Earth Day!!!

Complimentary Cold Pressed juice to each attendee! We will also have some fun raffle prizes!

Semi Colon Project ;

On a very sad note, the founder of The Semicolon Project, Amy Bleuel, passed last week at age 31. So devastating. Here’s a news article about it: For over a year now, Eco Chateau has offered free semicolon bracelets to our guests to get the word out about depression: Yay! Semicolon Bracelets are in… Read more

Our operations manager, Nicole, will be relocating to Phoenix, AZ this week. She will be working remotely from there in the exact same position. We spent the last six weeks building out what that will look like and I am confident it will work out great. Plus, who knows, maybe a Scottsdale, AZ location is… Read more

New Episode Alert! Episode 11

Driven by his passion for mind/body peak performance, Dr. Mancini strives to achieve excellence for his patients. As a doctor of Oriental medicine, he assists his patients with a variety of health issues including acute and chronic pain, healthy weight loss, and the impact of all forms of stress and strain on the body. He… Read more

Giving Back to the Community!

We have two openings for our ‘TLC for the Big C’ program This program donates our Monthly Wellness Membership to an individual conquering cancer during their months of chemotherapy. It’s a way for Eco Chateau to give back to our community in a positive way. These sessions help keep their immunity levels up and their… Read more

New Episode Alert! Episode 10

Katie Briggs is both an emergency room registered nurse AND a holistic health and wellness educator. This is a rare combo of someone who is on both sides of Western & Eastern Medicine. She is a Mom of 3- ages 6, 4 and 2 and a wife and she is passionate about helping people to… Read more

New Episode Alert! Episode 9

Michelle had been in the Health and Wellness industry for the last 10 year and on today’s episode she shares her own personal journey about giving birth to her son 13 years ago. She struggled with a 65 pound weight gain, postpartum depression, cystic acne and thyroid issues. She immersed herself in researching how to… Read more

New Episode Alert! Episode 8

The human body has this remarkable way of healing itself, especially when you have someone helping you along the way. On today’s episode, I had my own Naturopathic Doctor as a guest. Dr. Brooke Leverone, who you can find at Koi Wellness in La Jolla. Dr. Leverone works with patients to optimize their health and… Read more

New Episode Alert! Episode 7

Health + Happiness HACKS Wellness Show | Episode 7: Jerome Stehly Owner of Stehly Farms Organics and Stehly Farms Market Click Here to Watch! We are now shooting some of our episodes over at our Sorrento Valley location. Excited to bring on one of Eco Chateau’s vendors. As you probably already know, we get all… Read more

New Faces : )

You will see some new faces at both locations. We wanted to add more staff members at our front desk in order to streamline the check-in & check-out process for our lovely guests so in next week’s blog I will spotlight each of them. We had a very productive Spa Coordinators & Managers (13 of… Read more

The Benefits!

I am so thrilled that the incredible benefits of Infrared Saunas are finally getting some mainstream attention! We’ve known this for almost five years now and I am honestly surprised it took this long. Here’s a great article on Refinery29 that just came out this month.

Sexual Health

Below is a blog post post from lovely, Erica force! She is a Sex Therapist that was amazing enough to host a sex education talk here at our Sorrento Vally location just a few weeks ago. Here is a little follow up! Kegels! Most people have heard of them, but are not quite sure why… Read more

Our Next Yoga Class!

**LIMITED SPACE: Please RSVP prior.

Our Next Biohacking Meetup!

Our Next Biohacking Meetup: Sunday, March 19th 12:00-1:30pm (Sorrento Valley) Shelley Alexander is a holistic chef, health coach, cookbook author, essential oils educator, certified healing foods specialist, blogger, and owner of A Harmony Healing. CLICK HERE TO RSVP

Spring Cleaning?

Start your spring cleaning off from the inside out! Cleanse and detox your body with Colon Hydrotherapy! Colon hydrotherapy, or our Chanel No. 2 as we like to call it here at Eco Chateau, is a safe and effective way of removing waste from our large intestines. We provide colon hydrotherapy in a luxurious spa… Read more

New Episode Alert! Episode 6

Click Here to Watch! Such a joy to have Sahsha on the show his week! Fun to chat about plant based diets, self care, and the importance of passion verses money. Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt is an Author, MetaSpeaker and Intrinsic Wellness Guide. She is Founder of Life and Light Wellness LLC, a firm that offers intrinsic… Read more

Our Busiest Month!

March is our BUSIEST MONTH of the year (Spring Detoxing!) so be sure to get on our schedule as soon as you can. P.S. Our Sorrento Valley location is now officially open until 9pm Monday-Friday!

New Flavor!

I just saw one of the awesome team members from The Living Tea Brewing Co. deliver a fresh keg of our newest Kombucha flavor: Mango Passion…..YUM!! It will be on tap alongside of Ginger for the whole month of March.

February Contest Winners!

Drum roll please….. Here are the three winners of our big 28-day Challenge from February: Click Here to watch our video unveiling! *Allison Radosevich- 3rd place One month of our Monthly Wellness Membership *Angela Sass- 2nd place Two months of our Monthly Wellness Membership *Chelsey Benson- 1st place!!! THREE months of our Monthly Wellness Membership

In case you missed it! Episode 5

Dr. Arezou Ghane is a health psychologist, yoga instructor, and founder of Auteur Health and Wellness: a health and wellness collective dedicated to sharing the science of well-being to support those seeking to live more healthy and intentional lives. Click Here to Watch!

In case you missed it! Episode 4

Sean is an experiential teacher. As a massage therapist and energy healer, Sean developed a deep understanding and the inner workings of the human form. Currently working at a brain research and treatment center, his systemic knowledge base is sure to leave you with massive value to take home and immediately implement into your life…. Read more

In case you missed it! Episode 3

Click Here to Watch!

In case you missed it! Episode 2

Click Here to Watch!

In case you missed it! Episode 1

Click Here to Watch!

Last Chance!!!

Love Yourself and Love Your Skin! 15% OFF our facial packages! The San Diego sun can really take a toll on our skin if we’re not careful. Even during Winter, the sun has an impact on our skin! Come see one of our wonderful estheticians for our signature, one-hour, organic Belle Epoque customized facial to… Read more

Health & Happiness Hacks: Episode 5

Health + Happiness HACKS Wellness Show | Episode 5: Dr. Arezou Ghane Transformation Coach/Mindset Specialist Finally got one of our Eco Chateau team members to appear on the show! Such a great convo about meditation, keeping the excitement of your New Years Resolutions going, the science behind wellness and setting realistic and holistic goals. Dr…. Read more

Last Sunday! : )

We hosted two GREAT events this past Sunday at our Sorrento Valley location: Self Care Sundays: Yoga with Arezou AND Our monthly Biohacking meeting: ‘Gut Health’ **We streamed it LIVE on Facebook, so CLICK HERE to check out the recording! I quickly realized that Sorrento Valley is such a great location to host any type… Read more